The Art Of The Heart

Relationships sometimes suck...the life out of us!  You know what to do in the fun, romantic, adventurous, things-are-great phase, but what happens when things go south and relationships get messy?  What about your parents, siblings, friends, and the people you work with?  Are you relationally healthy?  

Relationships don't come easily or naturally--it's an art form that requires intention combined with love.  It doesn't matter if you're single, dating, married, or single again--The Art Of The Heart series is designed to help you work through whatever phase you're facing. 

Life: What Do You Want

Often, we let life happen instead of living life. There's no rhyme or reason.  There's no desire or passion. If we're honest, we're on auto-pilot.  The big question is, what do you want from life?  Start the new year off right!  This series is designed to help you discover and define your dreams.  

Christmas Extra

Can you name your favorite "extra" from your favorite movie, music video, musical, or play?  The chances are slim.  See, "the extra" is the person who almost made it, who failed, who never made it big, and who never lived up to their full potential.  But rarely do we consider this: that movie, that song, that play, that musical, or that story could never actually be told without them. 

I think many of us often feel like we are simply an extra--an extra at work, an extra as a parent, an extra in a group of friends, maybe even an extra in God's story.  We're not sure we belong or fit in.  And yet, the extra is the one who always helps move the story forward.  

Christmas Extra is an inside look at the lives of people in the Christmas story we never talk about.  When it comes to the manger scene, they're no star.  And yet, they have an important role in God's grand story...just like you.  

Ask Not

So often people ask, "What can your church do for me?"  We hope church is the place where you can move forward in your faith journey.  But part of moving forward is asking, "What can I do for...?"  This two week conversation is about serving and generosity. 

The Table

So many people ask, "Why The Table?"  This is a four week series designed to share more about who we are, what we do, and why we exist.  

What Happy People Know

We want to be a happier people but we are stuck in a perpetual wheel of discontent. We want out! Sometimes, our way out manifest itself in immediate gratification, shallow successes, empty pleasures, and approval from all the wrong people. The bottom line, many of us don’t know what happy people know. And the reason we don’t know, is there’s a lot to know about being happy. Discover with us four talks that will guide us to becoming genuinely happy people.